Accuview's Sports Stadium Weather-Proof Monitor series is designed specifically for semi-outdoor locations. While it is recommended to use it in a place without direct sunlight, it will work perfectly fine in a place with direct sunlight. This series includes an IP65 Water Proof front, IP54 backcover and lastest high brightness technology brightness running up to 1500nits. It can operate from temperatures of 5°F to 122°F. (Optional addition of heater lets it operate at -25°F), making it viable for a range of industrial and architectural applications such as factories, courtyards, pool areas, sports stadiums, amusement parks, zoos, ski resorts and clubs.

Here at Accuview, we use only the highest-quality services and materials to fulfill each customer’s needs. The Accuview Sports Stadium Weather-Proof Monitor series is also semi-customizable, capable of adding modifications to software, electronics, or hardware. Please contact the Accuview sales team to discuss your next project.


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SWM215F |21.5-inch Sports Stadium Weather-proof FHD Monitor

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