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Accuview's outdoor LCD LED Display series is designed specifically for semi-outdoor locations. While it is recommended to use it in a place without direct sunlight, it can still be perfectly seen in a location with direct sunlight. This series includes an IP65 water-proof front, IP54 back cover and the latest high brightness technology LCD panel running up to 1500nits. It can operate from 5°F to 122°F. ( with an optional addition of heater lets it operate at  a low -25°F), making it viable for a wide range of industrial and architectural applications such as factories, courtyards, pool areas and outdoor dining or POS systems… etc. 

Accuview outdoor Displays can be highly customized if you need modifications to your specific design. While Accuview TV / Monitor has already established and sustained a very high rate of reliability,it can still be flexible to software, electronic and hardware enhancements. Please contact Accuview sales team to discuss your next outdoor project. 


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