Commercial Grade Custom LCD Television

Custom LCD TV


AccuView is an unique manufacturer that designs and manufactures (ISO 9001 approved, made in USA) its own custom LCD TV lines. LCD TV is a common household electronic and  with yearly sales exceeding 200 million units worldwide. However the majority of that usage occurs in households with little quantity for commercial and industrial applications. Accuview’s commercial grade of custom LCD TV are built for:

 • Outdoors custom LCD TV : sunlight readable, waterproof, temperature control

 Restaurant custom LCD TV : water/splash proof, anti glare, volume control, OSD on the back

 Hospital custom LCD TV: flat smooth surface for cleaning, medical white color for hospital, volume control on OSD, light-weight material for arm mounting

Each custom LCD TV has its own requirement regarding brightness, control functions and even as volume loudness and color... AccuView’s custom LCD TV ranges from 7” to 65” in HD and wide aspect ratio. AccuView is able  to deliver 100% of requirements that customers are looking for, even in low quantity. There are several form factors for these customized LCD. Open frame LCD TV, Outdoor weather-proof LCD TV, Traditional enclosed wall-mount type of custom LCD TV. You may find many models of custom LCD TV available here online, if you don’t, please give us a call at 800.275.4255 or email to find the custom LCD model that you specifically need.

Let AccuView build your CUSTOMIZED LCD TV for you.

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