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Founded in 1990, Accuview is a worldwide leading Industry Display solution provider with an excellence in display technology. We offer a full range of Industry LCD solution to meet all major industry requirements.

Our customer consists of commercial accounts, original equipment manufacturers, equipment maintenance companies, value-added resellers, gamming, and numerous transportation facilities. Our products are used in control rooms or stations and are ideal for operating in extreme harsh environments, or in mission critical applications.

Since 2005, we have become more industrial PC based solution provider, with full range of panel pc solution , with strong focus on rugged & mobile design.
Major focus markets do cover:

  • Industrial/factory automation
  • Transportation & navigation system
  • Human machine interface(HMI)
  • Defense industry
  • Marine industry
  • Gaming industry
  • Retailing digital signage market


Accuview Today

Today Accuview is driving itself to be a rugged yet flexible video display solution leader within the industry. Full range of rugged panel pc, rugged LCD display, large size touch wall, … do delivery to meet vary application and tough environment applications.

This year, 2012, Accuview has expanded to full display features support including optical lens enhancement and physical arm product, and praised for the sound financial management as well as outstanding performance in expanding the market share. Accuview will bring the edge in excellent R/D resource and wide product range into 2012. The battlefield ahead of all industrial related players will be the applications for more rugged conditions and higher quality in bigger display. It is for sure Accuview will be ready then and stride into the market with pride.

In Year 2011, Accuview delivers the full range of Panel PC solution to meet our current customers' special request on the PC platform. With integrating the wide range temperature LCD and PC technology, Accuview is creating the new era for commercial/industry PC and LCD display market.

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